Telephone Selling in the Floral Shop Business

Much of the sales of a flower shop are done over the telephone. A local customer calls a flower shop for a local delivery. A flower shop gets orders from patrons calling out-of-town for local delivery. A flower shop gets wire orders from anywhere in the world into their shop for local delivery. Florists must place orders to other towns, states, and countries. All are placed over the telephone. The computer has come along and much is done by the computer. But the telephone is still vital to the florist business.

How a florist and his/her staff conduct themselves on the telephone is a crucial criterion on whether the customer will use a particular florist a second time. If en employee answers the telephone rudely or insincerely the customer will likely not call again, or even worse, terminate the current phone call/order. You do not want this to happen. Below are several guidelines for answering the telephone for a florist and their staff.

1. Always answer the phone with an order pad and pen in hand. Never make the customer wait while you search for a pad and pen.

2. Always answer cheerfully. Let the potential client or even a salesperson know you are happy they called your store. Cheerfulness and happiness is easily spread. You are setting the mood in which you can make a nice sale.

3. Answer the phone by acknowledging your shop name, who you are, and how may you help the person calling. Speak with a clear voice; do not talk too fast. Be polite and courteous.

4. Several questions must be asked when a customer is placing a floral order over the telephone. Ask these questions so you can easily sell this person what they need.

5. Write down the information as you speak. Do not rely on memory. You do not want to have to call back the patron and ask questions such as “when did you want that delivered?” Your store may seem inadequate. Although, always do get a call-back phone number just in case an unforeseen problem arises.

6. Repeat back to the customer the order he/she has just placed. Make sure all the details are correct. Agree upon a method of payment. Ask if there is anything else you may do to help.

7. Thank the customer for their floral order. Politely end the telephone call, assuring the customer their order will be completed with the utmost care.

8. You and your staff may want to get in the habit of confirming an order by e-mail as it is completed. That really finalizes an order and the customer knows the order went out with no problems. So beginning an e-mail database will allow you to contact your client efficiently.

Remember to always be helpful. Make suggestions to your phone customers. You are their eyes. You know what inventory your shop has at that time. They will appreciate your suggestions as well as it makes the customer feel if you really care. Moreover, you do care!! That is why you are in the flower business.