Always Keep Your Flower Shop Name in the Limelight

Always keep your shop name in the public’s interest. You cannot just sit there. Do not let people forget about your business. Do not think that just because your doors are open that people know you are there. Many will not. It actually takes a bit of promoting your floral shop to get people in your doors or place an order on the phone, which by the way is a big part of how florists do business. There are four techniques that quickly stand out in my mind on how to keep your flower store in the limelight.

One way is to always do a weekly advertisement in the local newspaper. It can be a standing advertisement, meaning the same ad every week, that basically says your name and shop information. This type of advertisement is good, but you could probably get more bang for your buck by going a little further with extra creativity in your information in the ad. In the floral business there is always some kind of event you could promote, and if not the flower business is great at promoting flowers “just because”. Create a logo that will be used every week. Use the same logo on your business cards and flower boxes and even your shop sign.

A second way to keep you shop name in the public eye is by doing a memorable radio spot. Create a jingle for which to associate your shop. Associate the jingle with your shop on a regular basis. Advertise a balloon bouquet for $10 bucks. Offer a dozen wrapped carnations as a thank you bouquet. When picked up, wrap creatively in a way that the recipient goes WOW! and will be impressed and will want to come back or will be confident in placing an order for their occasion. These methods are also a part of branding your flower shop.

The third technique could be to donate some flowers. Is there a women’s conference and no flowers have been ordered from your store? Deliver a bouquet to the main event with a note wishing much success with the conference, inserting a business card as well. Is there a new store opening in town? Wish them success with flowers. Let them know you are there to help. Is there an awards banquet? Deliver a corsage or boutonniere to the guest speaker, with the compliments of your flower shop. You will always have extra flowers that need to be used. Use them to advertise for your shop instead of letting them fade beyond use.

The fourth mode to keep your floral shop’s name out there is a weekly special. Somehow make it an event that potential and regular customers will seek out every week. This means maybe use the same format and the same location in the newspaper every week, but with a different extraordinary floral deal each week. Flowers are seasonal. That means that in the summer you can buy a rose for thirty cents apiece, maybe a little less, maybe a little more. Offer a dozen roses for $10. If the sale is a hit, do an encore the next week. As long as it brings in new customers, contacts, and business, the weekly sale will be well-meaning for your flower shop. As always, even when offering a product on special, do not ever withhold on the quality of which it is delivered. My motto is always give a little extra with each sale. Just think of the additional green or the added bit of baby’s breath as an advertising expense. Take every chance you get to show off your store and its abilities.

Advice For Beautiful And Economic Wedding Flowers

Couples focus on varying things in their weddings. Some will spend an exorbitant amount of money on flowers while others want to spend it on their invitations. Still more like to focus on crafting a certain theme or ambiance. The type and amount of flowers you use depends on what is most important to you.

There are other things you’ll want to think about to help you choose how much or how little you should invest. Do a site inspection with your florist for your ceremony and reception site. Keep in mind that you spend the most time at your reception site (unless they’re one and the same) so you should not invest an extravagant amount of money on the flowers for the ceremony. Unless, of course, you bring those arrangements and decorate the reception site as well. If the setting for your ceremony is a lush area with naturally beautiful flowers and foliage, you might just want to line the aisle with rose petals and decorate a few chairs. If your ceremony is indoors and very classy, flowers can dress it up and add some color.

The types of decorations, favors and centerpieces you choose can vary from simple to elaborate or sometimes none at all. Like many aspects in a wedding, there is no right or wrong way to decorate. Frequently, the more creative you are, the more enthusiastic you become about this part of your wedding planning. If you run out of ideas, wedding expos, magazines and online wedding sites are terrific for recommendations. When all else fails, keep it simple! You can either create your own favors and centerpieces, pay someone to do it for you or buy them pre-made.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Get a written estimate from your florist of the overall expense, along with payment dates and amounts.

2. If you’re looking for ways to reduce costs, concentrate your wedding funds where they will get the most attention (head table, etc.).

3. Lining the aisle with loose flowers is an economic method to add color and charm to the ceremony site. Plumeria, orchids and rose petals are all affordable options.

4. Have your florist use ribbons and other classy materials to add style and help lower the cost of flowers.

5. Be aware of busy flower seasons like proms and heavy wedding seasons. Make sure that your preferred flowers are in season.

6. Make sure your flowers arrive before any pictures are taken.

7. If you’re trying to reduce costs, think simple. The fancier the flowers and designs, the more you’re going to pay.

8. Ensure that the florist packed straight pins for the men’s boutonnières.

9. Think about silk flowers as a cost-effective alternative to regular flowers.

10. Use the arrangements and other pieces from the ceremony site for decor at the reception site.

11. Check out your your florist well. Do they have photos of previous weddings they’ve decorated? Do they have wedding bouquets or arrangements in the store that you could examine? Is the florist able to make pieces that will fit in the style and budget of your wedding? Is there an extra cost for on-site setup?

Marketing Tips for Your Flower Shop

Here are some ideas and marketing tips to use in your flower shop.

· Brand Your Flower Shop. Create an image for your floral shop. Take the time and spend the money necessary to build an image for your flower shop. Everyone likes to go the popular place to shop or eat. If your flower shop was called Daisy’s Flowers, it would be your success if everyone said, “Let’s go to Daisy’s for our corsages! Make your shop name a household word. Make your shop easy and fun! The days of stuffy old flower shops are over.

· Purchase roses and carnations in bulk. Whenever possible purchase flowers in quantity and at special prices then pass on the savings to your customers. In the summer roses dip in your cost. Buy them in 500 lots of assorted colors. You can sell them quickly by advertising and putting them outside your shop if appropriate. Those roses you do not sell can be hung and dried for dried floral arrangements. Now that’s a win-win situation. The smell of roses in your store will be wonderfully intoxicating! Carnation cans be bought for pennies in the summer. Run super, super specials. Let your customers feel like they can splurge on themselves.

· Create standard arrangements. Generate some designs in several different price ranges, preferably at least three different selections of prices. The key here is to standardize the arrangements so that costs on kept low, and the design labor is kept to a minimal. By reducing cost of labor and cost of goods, you can offer your valued customers a budget item yet while keeping the quality of the product offered high.

· Give your customers ranges of choice.Design floral arrangements at price points that will produce a nice amount of lucrative sales. Find what price points at which your patrons seem to hesitate. Examples may be $10-20, $20-30, $35 and up. Also bud vases are necessary to add sales for under $10. But customers want choices. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. One thing they are putting into consideration is the occasion for which they are buying. An extreme example would be buying for a 50th wedding anniversary bouquet versus buying for a get well flower arrangement.

· Advertise specific arrangements or products. Every week have a weekly special. It could be a three carnation bud vase for $5.99. Maybe a balloon bouquet of one Mylar balloon and eleven latex balloons. Get creative and original. Look what others are doing, and do it a step better somehow; this advertising always keeps your flower shop name out there. Go into other shops and see what they are doing. When I would do this I always came out feeling like I was doing a good job. It made me feel better. As business people, we always want to feel we are at least doing as good a job as our competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flowers for Flower Girls

If you have questions about flowers for flower girls at your wedding and what is appropriate, you are not alone. As a wedding florist in a busy flower shop for 15 years, I noticed that many brides were unsure about what types of flowers were better for flower girls and wanted to know what was appropriate. Here are some of the most popular questions that kept coming up:

What is the most popular floral item for a Flower Girl to carry?

By far, the simplest and most popular item for the flower girl to carry is a basket of petals. This is practical as well as charming since it gives the little one something constructive to do as she is walking down the aisle.

Here are a few things to think of before selecting this as the floral item for your chosen girl. First of all, if you are getting married in a church, make sure to double check with your minister if this is permitted in their church. Most churches do not allow live petals to be strewn about since it can stain and be dangerous for slipping if they are damp. Many churches however, do allow silk (artificial) petals to be thrown along the aisle as long as someone is designated to pick them up after the wedding.Hall weddings generally allow artificial petals. If you are getting married outside, live petals are a great option.

Is there a certain age frame that you would recommend for a flower girl to be scattering petals at weddings?

Depending on the age and the character of your flower girl, this may or may not be a good option. Usually, little girls anywhere from 4 to 12 are good candidates for petal scattering. Make sure to ask the flower girl if she would prefer throwing petals or simply carrying a bouquet of flowers in a basket. Keep in mind that after the petals are gone, the little girl will be left with nothing but an empty basket for pictures. A good way to minimize the obviousness of this fact in pictures is to decorate the basket itself or to select a modern fancy basket.

What type of basket should I choose for my Flower Girl?

Use a smallish basket with a handle. White is the number one choice with creme a close second, depending on the color of the bride’s and flower girl’s dress. Size should be about 7″ (17cm) wide and up to11″ (28cm) high although it could be smaller or larger depending on the age of the little one. When choosing the basket, keep in mind how the petals will nestle in the basket. Baskets with deeper wells at the center are obviously better for containing more petals than for example a fireside basket that is simply flat, where the petals will simply fall or fly out. You can buy a simple wicker basket or a fancier sheer material covered basket. They make really nice, elaborate baskets now, specially designed for flower girls. Modern baskets for flower girls are now available in different colors and themes to match the bride’s choice of color scheme such as silver, black, brown, plum, etc….Some modern baskets even have beading or rhinestones on them. You can find these baskets online, in craft stores, wedding shops, at select florists and in department stores.

Where can I find artificial flower petals and how do I prepare them once I have them?

You can find these at the same places you will find baskets as described above. Simply fill your basket with the petals and you are ready to go. You can even do this a month or two ahead if you are the type that likes to be super organized in advance. Just make sure that if you do it more than a week before, you wrap the whole basket in a loose plastic bag to prevent dust and dirt from settling on your petals.