Growing Flowers for Fun or Profit

As the micro eco-farming movement continues, flower carts from mini flower farms: backyard to half an acre, are springing up on small town street corners and near busy urban coffee shops. U-pick flower patches and honor-system flower stands are further ways flower lovers are earning income.

For those who prefer being with flowers to being with people, the honor system bouquet stand allows growers to play in their flower patch all day, make beautiful arrangements to set out in the morning, and simply collect the cash from the locked cash box in the evening.

Avoid competing with larger cut flower farms, grow ecologically, no pesticides, herbicides, etc. More and more of the mainstream is becoming concerned about the damage caused by the chemical flower industry. Advertise your sustainable approach with your flowers, letting customers know your flower farm does not harm the environment and is a haven for local birds, bees and butterflies. And, grow popular varieties but with a twist: add unusual flowers types amidst more common varieties with your bouquets, or grow unusual varieties of the familiar favorites. Here are several for starters:

– Dwarf lilacs that bloom off-season. How wonderful to find bouquets of this classic country favorite in fall!

– Be the first to offer new varieties of familiar flowers. Such as newly developed colors of dahlias or cosmos or sunflowers. ‘Lemon Queen,’ for example, is a unique sunflower with lemon-yellow petals and a chocolate colored center.

– Become known for specializing in something unique, such as old-fashioned heirlooms like ‘Kiss-Me-Over-The-Garden-Gate,’ which produces many rope-like hanging flowers on its six-foot tall stems.

More marketing tips:

Give deeper meaning to your flowers and let customers know the flowers’ histories. If you grow Mexican Torch sunflowers, let your customers know this is also called, “Golden Flower of the Aztecs.

Extend the season by producing non-perishables from your flowers. This includes drying flowers, selling flower seeds with handmade greeting cards (as described more at the Center for the Micro Eco-Farming Movement,, or making floral waters. Type up tags for your fresh cut flowers that let buyers know of your other locally grown, handcrafted floral products they can purchase throughout the year.

Memorial Day Flower Arrangements: How to Start a Home Based Business

While Memorial Day, funerals, and other sympathy flowers can be made at home to use yourself, they can also be sold to make some extra money. As a matter of fact, you won’t have to stop at these types of flower arrangements. Think about the possibilities: birthdays, fall decorations, spring flowers, Easter decorations, Valentine’s Day, proms. The list could go on and on.

Home Based Business

Starting a home based business seems scary, but it can be fun and profitable. There are a few ways you could go with your flower arrangement business. First, you could set up a small building out side your home to allow visitors to stop by and pick out the types of flower arrangements they would like.

Second, you could take phone orders and deliver the arrangements without having anyone stop by your home. Last, you could make the arrangements at home, then set up a stand elsewhere to sell them. Of course, you could make some up and set them in your front yard to allow people driving by to see them too.

How To Start

The best place to start is at the beginning. If you don’t know the first thing about making flower arrangements, then you’ll need to educate yourself. There are many books, DVDs, online courses, and internet videos that can teach you how.

Then, you’ll need to start practicing. There won’t be too much practicing involved as floral arranging is quite simple once you get the hang of it. The hardest part is deciding what flowers you want to work with. Most people find it easier to just decide what type of flowers to use with each new piece they start.

Now What?

Depending on where you live will determine the route you’ll need to take to start your business. Some places will allow you to sell items in your front yard, similar to a yard sale, without having any type of permit. If you don’t want to apply for a business license, there are ways to work around it.

After you have made up some arrangements, you’ll need to decide on the prices. You’ll want to keep track of each thing you put into an arrangement, then double it. For example, if it cost $20 to make one arrangement, you should charge around $40.

Keep in mind that starting out you may have to purchase items that come in bulk, so be sure to divide the price up between several arrangements. Also be sure to keep prices consistent. You don’t want people seeing two of the same size arrangements that have a major price difference. Most people don’t realize that different flowers cost different prices. Estimate each piece of greenery and flower you put into the arrangements to keep same size pieces on a level playing field with the prices.

The Flower Inside Your Mind

Most of the people would think that the most complicated part of the world can be found in science and mathematics. It is because these two subjects have been known to contain the most difficult equations and chemical problems that need to be solved. Most of the people believe that very few people are blessed with the ability to fully understand these subjects to its highest level. Moreover they idolize those individuals whom they think are amazing when it comes to science and mathematics.

However it is a mistake to believe that science and mathematics are the most complex things in the world. The only thing that makes these two subjects difficult is that it requires people to think, analyze and compute several numbers and end up with a single answer which must be true to all. A single mathematical equation must have a single mathematical answer. A scientific experiment must agree or coincide with a scientific law. On the other hand there is a more complex thing that requires the attention of all human beings.

This thing is commonly ignored or neglected by several people. It is because it has been taken for granted and remains unimportant for some. This complex thing is none other than the behavior of all human beings. The human behavior is more complex compared to any forms of mathematical equations or scientific discoveries. It is because there is no such thing that could thoroughly explain the behavior of a certain person. There are indeed patterns of human behavior in which one could use to modify a person’s behavior. However these patterns do not guarantee any certainties. The human mind is more complex than any person could ever think.

One of the greatest things that involve human behavior is our capacity or tendency to think of a way to make our loved ones happy and satisfied. It even becomes more complex when people are influenced with the things that they considered valuable to them. One of the most amazing behaviors of a human being is to ask for forgiveness when he or she have hurt the feelings of his or her friends and loved ones.

Human beings tend to use things or stuffs to express their feelings. One of the most common of these stuffs is flowers. Flowers have been known to alleviate the negative feelings of a person. Flowers are used to make a person smile. It is also used to express the feelings of happiness and joy. It calms and soothes the minds of those who suffer from great tension. Nowadays flowers are even used as a form of therapy to help those individuals who have great problems when it comes to stress and other social problems.

Flowers even became the exact representation of the human soul. Its beauty and glamour tend to hide or erase the feelings of complexity of human beings. People are very much lucky to witness and live in a world which is full of colorful and beautiful flowers.

When is the Right Time to Order Mother’s Days Flowers?

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about sending that special lady in your life a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers to show her how much you care. It’s never too early to start thinking about how to do this affordably, where to order them from and what type of flowers to get. Fortunately for you, there are many options when it comes to ordering a floral arrangement that will make her feel special on this momentous day.

What type of flowers should I get?
As a matter of tradition, Mother’s Day flowers are generally carnations and roses, however sweet and simple flowers like mums and daisies are also nice choices when it comes to sending a thoughtful floral arrangement to make her feel special. When it comes to flowers, you may want to consider the color of the flowers and how that will be meaningful to the recipient. For example, for your wife, it would be perfectly OK to order her a bouquet of red roses, possibly mixed with some purple or yellow carnations. But this may be overly romantic for your own Mother, who would probably respond best to a bouquet of yellow or baby pink roses mixed with some lovely cream or yellow carnations. It’s best to consult with a florist to see what options are available for different recipients, but if in doubt you can always go with lighter colors for a parent and darker more romantic colors for a love partner.

How shall I order the flowers?
In this day and age, there are so many options available for you to order fresh flower bouquets, but you will want to think about how you want them to be delivered in order to make the best decision. If you prefer to deliver them in person, you may want to order a special floral arrangement from your local florist. It’s important to order ahead of time, a minimum of two weeks in advance of the day you plan to pick the flowers up so that they can be ready in time.

The flowers will be fresh, beautiful and your Mother will enjoy them even more since you will be stopping by to visit her in addition to bringing her flowers. If you are sending flowers to a Mother who lives too far away to visit in person, then you may want to go with a reputable online flower and gift ordering site. The benefit with this is that you can order months in advance for all those special occasions, often with discounts included and then not have to worry about it. Your Mother will receive a beautiful high quality bouquet on that special day and you will be a hero.

When is the best time to order flowers for Mother’s Day?
Since Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May, you will want to order in plenty of time so that your special lady receives them on that day. The same rule applies if you are ordering the flowers locally or by calling a national flower service or ordering them online. The best rule of thumb is to order your floral gifts a minimum of two weeks ahead of time. So in the case of Mother’s Day, you will want to order your flowers by the third week of April in order to guarantee that your Mother or Wife will have these flowers to enjoy on Mother’s Day.

Preparing for Mother’s Day is not as stressful as you may think. Being prepared for every special occasion is made easy by the many local and online services that are available nowadays. If you are still unsure of what to get someone for Mother’s Day, it’s always a good idea to consult with a florist for more information about the flowers, ordering process and other gift options.